If you are interested in applying under either of the two schemes, application forms may be obtained by emailing the Secretary at info@lfmi.org.uk or may be downloaded using the links below. All requests for assistance are considered individually by the Executive Committee at its regular meetings.

Please also complete and return the data monitoring form below – this will be separated from your application and will be completely anonymous.

The next meeting of the Trustees will take place on Monday 17th June 2024 and completed applications with references, personal statements and the monitoring form must be received by 12.00 noon on Friday 17th May. Please email your application to info@lfmi.org.uk .

“Thank you also so much for the valuable support that the Loan Fund gives to young musicians.  Finding the funding for instruments is a major problem and the help you give is immeasurable, both financially and in the confidence that the support helps to engender.  This is not the first time that you have helped one of my customers, and I’d say that indirectly you are also helping to support the profession of instrument making.”

Helen Michetschläger