The grant scheme is designed to assist students, young professional musicians and established instrument makers resident in the United Kingdom.


  1. Applications for Grants will be accepted from young professional musicians from the beginning of their third year of full-time study until two years after the completion of their full-time course.
  2. Grants will only be made for a specific instrument.
  3. Grants will not be made for instruments already purchased.
  4. Grants are made only to individuals, not to ensembles.
  5. Grants are not made for the purchase of electric or electronically-controlled instruments.
  6. A Grant will NOT be made for more than one-third of the purchase price of any instrument.
  7. Preference will be given to British Nationals.
  8. The maximum Grant is £5,000.
  9. The purchase price of the instrument will be financed as follows:
    1. A discretionary grant from the Fund not exceeding one-third.
    2. A contribution of at least two-thirds from the applicant’s own or other sources.

10. In certain circumstances, the Trustees may also consider a loan towards the cost.

11. An application for a Grant must be accompanied by TWO references, one of which should come from the Head of Department or the Principal/ Director of the institution of full-time study. Young professionals should provide a reference from at least one employer.

12. Applications must be made on the form supplied and should be completed in full, and be accompanied by references and a Personal Statement as required at regulation 11. The Monitoring Form is also required

13. All requests for assistance are considered individually by the Executive Committee at its regular meetings. Together with the completed form, a personal statement from the applicant, covering past experience and future intentions, is required, to help the Executive Committee in considering funding requests.

14. The Trustees are under no obligation to make a grant to any particular applicant and until you have received a formal offer of a grant you should not assume that you will receive such a grant.